Doug Taylor was born in Chilliwack, BC in 1947. Kinetic in nature, his public installation sculpture has focused largely on wind, water and solar powered features. Whimsical, folk art inspired elements are often signature to his work. (e.g. Khenko and Wind Swimmer). Addressing the global challenge of sustainability his current sculptures are “generating capital ” by selling excess electrical power back to BC Hydro. These energy systems also feature listening stations which help remind us of sounds that are ever present in the natural world, but often unnoticed (e.g. Seattle Center’s Bird Song Listening Station). The challenge is to integrate ecological, historical, social and aesthetic considerations, contextualizing them into the site specific values of place.

Doug lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Email: doug@dougtaylor.co

Website: www.dougtaylor.co

Awards and Distinctions

2020  Civic Distinction Award /City of Surrey/ Nautilus

2009 Art in America

Bird Song Listening Station, Seattle Center, is selected in 19 top international public art works. Also selected: Chris Burden, Olafur Eliasson and Barbara Kruger

2002  Canada Council for the Arts

Senior Research / Media Arts Grant

1981 Emily Carr College of Art and Design

Honours Diploma , Bachelor of Visual Arts

Award of Merit

  • 1976 BC Federation of Artists Award
  • 1975 BC Ceramics, first prize award
  • 1974 Canada Council for the Arts

Artist Practice

I love to build weathervanes, mobiles and kinetic sculptures that reflect the spirit and storyline of a site. The use of wind, water or solar power to animate sculpture recognizes the deeper and eternal powers at play on earth… it helps us reconnect with the elements and stand in awe of them. My installations have also generated their own electricity !
by means of wind and solar energy, thus erasing their own carbon footprint over time.
For example, Seattle Centre’s Bird Song Listening Station selected in 2008 by Art In America as on of 19 top international public art works.

Its taken 30 years of trial and error, but I now produce mobile works of all sizes that require no maintenance….its all about achieving graceful movement and self governing against high winds.

My Vancouver installations Khenko and the WindSwimmer are works deeply rooted in the genre of whirligigs our pioneer settlers used to make for their back yards (woodchoppers and wing flappers ). Seattle Centre’s Bird Song Listening Station uses wind and solar to generate sound samples of birds, once native to the site. All three works use wind for their motive power and govern themselves by means of uniquely designed engineering.

The function of the repetitive motions in these pieces serves to heighten the existential nature of daily life. The power of repetition is something G.K. Chesterton wrote about in the Everlasting Man when he talked about the beauty of the sun coming up every day – far from being boring, it is the repetitive aspect of this action that makes it so powerful.

Public Art Commissions

2022 – Wind Wheel Mobile / Asbestos Memorial

Client: Labour Heritage Society

Location: Vancouver Convention Center (East)

Facilitator: Clive Grout Architect

2018 – Tree Frog Mobile

Client: City of North Vancouver

Location: Semisch Park, North Vancouver

Facilitator: Lori Phillips (PAO NV Recreation and Culture)

2017 – Bodhi Frog

Client: District of Oak Bay

Location: Willows Beach, Victoria

Facilitator: Barbara Adams / Wayne Clogg

2016 – Leaf Weathervane

Client: Joy Coghill

Location: PAL Vancouver

Facilitator: Jane Durante / Durante Kreuk Landscape Architects

2014 – Nautilus

Client: Rize Alliance

Location: Wave, Surrey, BC

Facilitator: Peter Kreuk / Durante Kreuk Landscape Architects

2010 – Pioneer Spirit

Client: City of Coquitlam / Maillardville Centennial

Location: Makin Park, Coquitlam

Funding: Heritage Canada

2008 – Bird Song Listening Station

Client: City of Seattle

Location: Seattle Center .Fischer Pavillion

Facilitator: Seattle Arts Commission

2004/2007 – Frog & Moonshell

Client: Dale Bosa

Location:  Hygate  Burnaby BC

Facilitator: Durante Kreuk Landscape Architects

2004/2006 – Khenko (Great blue Heron)

Client: Lt. Gov. Dr. David Lam

Location:  George Wainborn Park , False Creek ,Vancouver

Facilitator: Susan Gordon/Board of Parks and Recreation

2005/2006 – Spotty the Dog 

Client:   City of Richmond

Location: Hamilton Fire Hall, Richmond

Facilitator: Kari Huhtala, Public Art, City of Richmond

2003 – Purple Martin Spiral

Client:  Jawl Corporation

Location: Selkirk Waterfront, Gorge Harbour, Victoria, BC

Facilitator: Mohney Jawl / Werner Forster Arch.

2002 – West Coast Raven

Client: Sound Symposium 2002

Location:  Signal Hill  St. Johns  Newfoundland

Funding : Canada Council for the Arts

2001 – Whiskey Jack Balance 

Client: Whistler Village

Location: Plaza of Champions / Creekside  / Whistler Mountain

Facilitator: Gwen Bowle/ Sarah Dobbs for Intrawest Corp

2000/1952 – Ford Grove    

Client: City of Richmond

Location: Steveston BC

Facilitator: Kari Huhtala /City of Richmond

1996 – Wind Swimmer

Client: Vancouver Parks and Recreation

Location: Kitsilano Pool, Vancouver

Facilitator: Susan Gordon / Herb and Mary Auerbach

1998 – Mr. Lead

Client:  Jawl Properties

Location: Mattick’s Market, Cordova Bay, Vancouver Island

Facilitator: Mohney Jawl / Werner Forster Arch.

1996 – Bill Mattick

Client:  Jawl Properties

Location: Cordova Bay Golf Course, Vancouver Island

Facilitator: Mohney Jawl / Werner Forster Arch.

1992 – Space Center Houston

N.A.S.A.’s Museum, Houston, Texas

Consultant: Imagination Arts/Bob Rogers & Co.

5 figures: Life size superreal astronauts designed for Skylab and Apollo capsules.

Robotic movement in three figures.



March 27, 2017